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Sudoku ∞


▼Sudoku (Number Place) is:Known as Sudoku as well. Complete this grid by placing all the digit from 1 to 9 in each row and column. Also, you are allowed to use each digit only once in every 3x3 shaded or white mini-grid in the puzzle.
▼Puzzle features:
- Sudoku (Number Place) for FREE!
You can enjoy Sudoku for free, so please make brain trainings as much as you like!
- 5 difficulty levels!
You can choose the difficulty levels; We offer 5 levels from Very Easy, to Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.
- Number of puzzles is infinite!!
In addition to the 250 puzzles that is instantly available, Sudoku ∞ is equipped with the feature of automated generation of Sudoku puzzles. You can also create and enjoy your own Sudoku puzzles for free and infinitely!
Sudoku ∞ allows you to create new Sudoku puzzles whenever you’d like.
▼ Additional features:
- Track the number you filled in by leaving notes!
Check sheet is also available to find which number is filled in already on the screen.
2 types of check marks here:
When you tap once, a check-mark is displayed in green.
When you tap again, it turns to a cross-mark, and the number would turn into gray accordingly.
It'd be recommended making your own rules in advance. For example, count a check-mark as the number you are looking for, and a cross-mark as the number you already filled in. This way you can continue the game very smoothly after the break.
- Redo and correct the wrong number with the history function.
- Play the Sudoku while listening to music!
- Sudoku ∞ saves the battery more than other Sudoku apps!